I was sitting with the remains of my last beer, long since gone warm and flat, in the flickering light of vintage neon tubes made by bleeding-edge autofabricators. There’s something about this place that longs for a kind of invented history, echoes of some millenia old anti-authoritarian pop-culture ethos percolating through into the modern psyche. Distantly I could hear the pulsing rhythm of Olympian neo-synth streaming from some spectrum dark-node.

It had been two hours since Jerek was supposed to be here with the goods. Continue reading

Something New

Time for some changes.  Time to start building some new writing habits.  I want to write more.  Even if it’s all over the place, even if I’m skipping back and forth between a dozen different projects, even if most of it is shit, I just want to be writing.

And I want to share more of what I’m doing.  I want to really get down to writing about writing, like I keep saying I will.  And maybe start sharing some more of my thoughts on other things besides.  Tumblr is good for weighing in something, but not for really laying out your thoughts.  So I’m going to make an effort to start putting more stuff up here on this blog, where I can do that properly.

I know that I want to start working towards a weekly writing goal.  I’ll be trying for 10,000 words a week, summed across whatever I write.  We’ll see how that goes.  Most of that probably won’t make it to this blog, but I’ll share what I can.

I want to try writing more short form stuff too.  Poems, short stories.  There’s some stuff that I want to do for a game I’m working on, snippets of short fiction to fill out the rulebook.  I’ll be sharing that stuff here, partly so my play-testers can get at it easily, but also for the sake of sharing it.  It’ll be good to get in that habit.

We’ll see how long this new-found energy lasts, of course.  Hopefully for a while.